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June 11, 2006 Trinity Sunday: Cycle B
                           FIRST READING:
                           Deut. 4: 32-34; 39-40  "The Lord himself is God in heaven above and on earth below: there is no other."
                           RESPONSORIAL PSALM: 
                           Ps. 33 "Happy the people the Lord has chosen to be his own." 
                           SECOND READING: Rom 8: 14-17 "And this hope will not leave us dissapointed, because the love og God has been poured out in
                           our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us." 
                           GOSPEL ACCLAMATION:
                           See Rev. 1: 8 "Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: to God who is, who was, and who is to come."  
                           Mt. 28, 16-20 "Baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."
                           SCRIPTURAL TOPICS: wisdom, the wonder of God, the love of God, the Spirit of God , the Holy Spirit
                           FOCUS: "Glory to the Father, and to the Son and the Holy Spirit: as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever. Amen."
                           REFLECTION: "We worship one God in Trinity in Unity, neither confounding the Persons, nor dividing the Substance. The Father
                           is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Ghost is God. Yet there are not three gods, but one God. In this Trinity nothing is before
                           or after, nothing is greater or less: but all three Persons coeternal together and equal."                 St. Athanasius
                           "Holy Spirit, divine Consoler, I adore you as my true God, with God the Father and God the Son. I adore you and unite myself
                           to the adoration you receive from the angels and saints. I give you my heart and I offer my ardent thanksgiving for all the
                           grace which you never cease to bestow on me.
                           St. Alphonsus de Liguori
                           APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY:   Begin the liturgy quietly, with a sense of contemplation that reflects the
                           mystery of the Trinity. Consider using an entrance chant or litany  such as the Trisagion (Holy is God) to help instill this
                           sense  of mystery. Introductions to songs and prayers could focus on the will of God made manifest, and that the Holy Spirit
                           will lead us towards the truth. The introduction to the liturgy could  encourage  reflection on the ways in which we perceive
                           the presence of God.
                           Introductory Rite:
                           The Rite of Sprinkling with Holy Water: The triune God is made manifest in the Holy Spirit who draws the church together to
                           General Intercessions:
                           Introduction: Gathered together in Christ as brothers and sisters, let us call to mind God’s blessings. Let us ask God
                           to hear our prayers through the Holy Spirit: 
                            That God may bring all Christians
                           together in unity and faith;
                            That God may give us the strength to rid the world of war;
                            That God may help us to show kindness to those who lack food, work, and shelter;
                             May we all reach out in love to our sisters and brothers;
                            May all of us gathered in this holy place in faith, reverence, and love of God, feel love for all God’s works. 
                           Preface: Preface of the Holy Trinity 
                           Concluding Rite: 
                           Solemn Blessing:  First or fifth   or Solemn Blessing: Of the Holy Spirit
                           RCIA/Faith Formation
                            You may never understand the Trinity. But you can love God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, and all God’s
                           creatures. That’s all that matters. 
                           Tomorrow is the Feast of the Visitation. Read all about it in the first chapter of Luke. These two prayers,  from that chapter,
                           with an addenda by St. Cyril, should be a part of your daily communication with God.
                           Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                           We experience the Trinity in the rich diversity of life, and of the
                           underlying organization of all things. Talk to the children about the similarities between a tree's branches and the human
                           circulatory system. There are all kinds of organized systems that speak of God the diverse.
                           YOUTH GROUPS
                           Abba! Father! (Landry)BB, GPCOMP, S&S
                           Anthem (Conry) BB, GP, GPCOMP, GC, 
                           G2, GTR, RS, S&S
                           God, Beyond All Names (Farrell) BB, GC,
                           MI, RS, S&S
                           Litany of the Holy Spirit (Gibson) G-3892
                           Lift Up Your Hearts to the Holy One VAO
                           PSALM: Psalm 8: O Lord, our God, how  
                           glorious  (Cooney) GC2
                           HISPANIC HYMNS
                           Alabare CEL, CHCA, CPD
                           Alabemos a Dios CPD, FYC
                           Altisimo Senor CHCA, CPD
                           Elevamos Nuestros Cantos CPD, FYC
                           Tu Eres Bendito CHCA, CPD 
                           SALMO: Sal 8 (Deiss) SRyA 47
                           SONG SUGGESTIONS
                           GATHERING SONG: 
                           All Creatures of Our God ACH, BB, CCH,
                           CBW III,  CVH, GC, JS, MI, PMB, RS,    
                           WCH, WP
                           All Hail, Adored Trinity  BB, CVH,   
                           GPCOMP, HM, PMB,  SM, W&S, WCH
                           Alleluia! Sing! (Haas) GTR, G2, GC, RS
                           Canticle of the Flames (Goebel-Komala) 
                           GC, G-4414
                           Christ Be Beside Me CBW III, PMB2, SM, 
                           SS, W&S, WCH
                           Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation  
                           BB, CBW III, CVH, GC, JS, MI, RS, SS,  
                           WCH, WP
                           Great Is the Lord (Toolan) BB, CBW III,    
                           HM, MI, S&S
                           God is One, Unique and Holy GC, G2, 
                           GTR, RS 
                           Glory Be to God in Heaven   CCH, WP
                           God, Beyond All Names (Farrell) BB, GC,
                           MI, RS, S&S
                           Let the Heavens Be Glad  (Feiten)  BB/MI,
                           GTR, GC, G2, S&S
                           Lord of Glory (Manion) BB, GP, GPCOMP, 
                           GTR, , MI, S&S
                           Lord, You Give the Great Commission 
                           W&S, WCH
                           Make Us True Servants SM, SS, WCH, 
                           Morning Glory, Starlit Sky CCH, W3-587 
                           O God, Almighty Father CCH, CVH, WP
                           Send Out Your Spirit (Schoenbachler) BB, 
                           JS, MI, S&S
                           Song of St. Patrick GTR, GP, GC, SS
                           This Day God Gives Me BB, CCH, GC
                           We Are Ready, God, to Sing SM, WCH
                           We Remember (Haugen) ACH, BB,  
                           CCH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, G2, MI, RS, SS, 
                           WCH, W&S
                           What Is This Place (Oosterhuis) BB,
                           CCH, GPCOMP, GTR, JS, MI, W&S, WP
                           Who Can Measure Heaven and Earth RS, 
                           RESPONSORIAL PSALM: 
                           Psalm 8: O Lord our God (Guimont) CCH, 
                           Psalm 8: O Lord our God (Schiavone) ALP
                           Psalm 8: O Lord our God PARM C2
                           Psalm 8: O Lord our God (Kreutz)PSALMS
                           PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS:
                           Creating God (Hurd) G-2891, G2
                           From All That Dwell Below the Skies  
                           ACH, BB, CCH, CVH, JS, PMB, SM, 
                           WCH, W&S, WP
                           God, Beyond All Names BB, GC, G2, JS,   
                           RS, S&S 
                           God the Father, Son and Spirit LMGM
                           God So Loved the World  (Scheidt)  G-1819
                           Glory and Praise for Ever (Ash) BB, JS, S&S
                           Holy Is God (Joncas) GTR, GC, RS
                           How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place 
                           (Joncas) BB, CCH, GPCOMP, GC, GTR, RS,  
                           I Will Not Die (Conry) BB, CCH, G2, GC, 
                           JS2, S&S  
                           Joyfully Singing (Dameans) CCH, G2, GC
                           Now We Remain (Haas) BB, CCH, GC,  
                           GTR, G2, RS, SM, SS, W&S, WCH
                           O Trinity, O Trinity (Hurd) G-3739, GC
                           O Trinity of Blessed Light   (Goodman) 
                           Play Before the Lord (Dufford) BB, GP,  
                           GPCOMP, S&S
                           Remember Your Love (Dameans) BB, CCH,   
                           GP,  GC, GPCOMP, G2, GTR, MI, S&S
                           This Holy Covenant Was Made  CCH, GC
                           Veni, Sancte Spiritus  CVH, PMB, WP
                           Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Walker) BB, 
                           HM, MI, S&S
                           Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Berthier) ACH,   
                           CCH, G2, GTR, GC, WP
                           We Believe  BB, HM, MI, PMB, S&S, WCH
                           We Have Been Told (Haas)ACH, BB, CCH,  
                           GC, GPCOMP, G2, GTR, RS, W&S, WCH
                           All My Days (Schutte) BB, GPCOMP, S&S
                           All You Works of God (Haugen) G2, GC, 
                           Bread of Life (Farrell) BB, CBW III, GC, G2, 
                           JS, S&S
                           Creator, Beloved and Spirit  CCH, G-3839
                           Eat This Bread (Berthier) BB, CCH, 
                           G2, GC, GTR, GPCOMP, RS, SS, S&S, 
                           W&S, WCH, WP
                           Glory Be to God  (Brucker) G-1440
                           God So Loved the World  (Goemanne) 
                           CCH, G-2699
                           God Is Unique and One SS, WP
                           How Blest Are We CCH, CBW III,  
                           GPCOMP, SS, W&S, WCH
                           If You Believe and I Believe (Bell) CCH, 
                           G2, GC
                           In the Breaking of the Bread  (Hurd)  
                           BB, G2, GTR, GC, MI, RS, S&S
                           Love One Another Chepponis G-268, G2-
                           446, GC-627, RS-745 
                           Lord, Who at Your First Eucharist
                           BB, CBW III, HM, PMB, SM, SS, W&S, 
                           WCH, WP
                           The Works of Love Are Created in 
                           Wisdom  GC, PMB, SM, WP
                           Today I Awake (Bell) G-4383
                           Wisdom's Feast  SM, SS, PMB, WCH
                           What Wondrous Love  ACH,  BB, CCH, 
                           CVH, GC, GPCOMP, GTR, G2, JS, RS, 
                           S&S, WCH,  WP
                           SONG OF PRAISE:
                           Abba! Father! (Landry)BB, GPCOMP, S&S
                           All That is Hidden (Farrell) BB, MI, S&S
                           Glory Be to God  (Leaf) G-1991
                           How Great Thou Art (Hine) ACH, BB,
                             CBW III, CCH, CVH, GPCOMP,
                             PMB, S&S, W&S, WCH
                           Jesus Still Lives (Toolan) PMB, 8511 WLP
                           Jubilate Deo  (Praetorius, Berthier) 
                             CCH, TAIZE  II
                           O Christe Domine Jesu (Berthier) GC, 
                             GTR, G2, RS, TAIZE II
                           Only-Begotten, Word of God Eternal 
                             (Lovelace) PMB, W&S, WLP
                           Peace (Norbet) ACH, BB, CBW III, CVH, 
                             PMB, SS, S&S, WCH, W&S
                           Praise to the Holy Trinity  PMB, SM
                           Sing Praise to Our Creator PMB, RS, SM, 
                             WCH, W&S
                           When Every Gate (Foley) G-3944, GC
                           CLOSING SONG:
                           Glory and Praise to Our God  (Schutte) 
                             BB, GC, GP, G2, GPCOMP, GTR,  
                             JS, MI, RS, S&S, WCH, W&S
                           Go (Patillo) SM WCH, W&S
                           Go, Be Justice PMB, SM, W&S, WCH
                           Go Make of All Disciples SM, WCH 
                           God, Whose Almighty Word CBW III, 
                             RS, SS, WP
                           God's Blessing Sends Us Forth CBW III,  
                             CVH, GC, GPCOMP, JS, PMB, RS, SM, SS, 
                             S&S, W&S, WCH
                           Holy God, We Praise Thy Name BB, CCH,
                             CBW III, CVH, GC, GPCOMP, HM, JS,  
                             PMB, RS, SM, SS, S&S, W&S, WCH, WP
                           How Wonderful the Three-in-One (Wren) 
                             CCH, G2, GC
                           Hymn to the Trinity  PMB, W&S, WCH
                           Lord, Your Almighty Word CVH, PMB, SS 
                           O Holy Spirit, by Whose Breath  CBW III,  
                             PMB,  SS, WCH,  WOV,   WP
                           On This Day, the First of Days   CVH, 
                              PMB,  RS, SS, WCH,  WP
                           Praise God from Whom All Blessings Dwell   BB, CBW III, CCH, HM, MI, PMB, 
                             SS, W&S, WCH, WP
                           Seed, Scattered and Sown (Feiten) BB, 
                             CCH, G2, GTR, GC, S&S
                           Send Us as Your Blessing, Lord  (Walker) 
                              BB, MI, S&S
                           Sent Forth By God's Blessing BB, CCH, PMB, SM, SS, W&S, WCH
                           Stand Up, Friends (Wren, Haas) G2, G-3948
                           The Living God  (Temple) CBW III, PMB,
                             SS, SM, W&S, WCH