May 21, 2006 6th Sunday of Easter
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May 21, 2006  Sixth Sunday of Easter Cycle B
                           FIRST READING:
                           Acts 10: 25-26 "The Holy Spirit came down on all the listeners."
                           RESPONSORIAL PSALM: 
                           Ps.  98 "The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations."
                           SECOND READING:  
                           1 Jn. 4: 7-10 "God is Love."
                           GOSPEL ACCLAMATION: 
                           Jn. 14: 23 "If anyone loves me, he will hold to my words, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him." 
                           Jn. 15: 9-17 "A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends."
                           FOCUS: "This is my command to love: love one another as I have loved you." This is a new dimension of love that allows us
                           to share in God’s Love. Divine love.
                           scriptural topics: Holy Spirit, love, community, mission.
                           REFLECTION: "In all deeds and words you should look upon this Jesus as your model. Do so whether you are walking or keeping
                           silence, or speaking, whether you are alaone or with others. He is perfect, and thus you will be not only  irreprehensible,
                           but praiseworthy."                        St. Bonaventure
                           "Two opposing forces influence me: the force of good and force of evil, the force of life and the force of death. Being spiritual
                           powers, both are invisible. Aroused by my free and sincere prayer, the good force always chases away the evil one, for the
                           evil force derives its strength only from the evil concealed in me.  To avoid the chilling influence of the evil spirit, we
                           should always have in our heart the Jesus Prayer: ‘Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me.’  Against the invisible devil
                           stands the invisible God, against him who is powerful stands He who is the most Powerful of all."   
                           	              St. John of Kronstadt
                           St. John of Kronstadt (1829-1908), Russian priest, a member of the married parish clergy: celebrated for his charitable work
                           and gifts of healing, and also as a preacher and spiritual director. His remarkable diary My Life in Christ,  has appeared
                           in many languages, including English (translated by E.E. Goulaeff, London, 1897). He was proclaimed a saint in 1964 by the
                           Holy Synod  of the Russion Orthodox Church in Exile, and is the only person to have been canonized by the Russian Church since
                           the Revolution in 1917. 
                           "Put Christ first, because he puts us first, and let nothing deter us from loving him."  St. Cyprian of Carthage
                           A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.
                           APPLYING THE READINGS TO THE LITURGY: Introduce the sprinkling rite by saying that the same Spirit that leads us to baptism
                           leads us to a new level of love. Introduce the profession of faith by referring to the spirit who gives us the strength to
                           proclaim our beliefs.
                           Sample General Intercessions:
                           My brothers and sisters, through the love that Jesus has inspired in  us, let us turn in prayer to God, the source of all
                           • For all who have dedicated themselves to God that He will help them reach this new level of love that Jesus asks us for;
                           • For peace among nations, that God may rid the world of violence through the love of Christ;
                           • For the aged who suffer from loneliness and infirmity, that God will sustain them by His love;
                           • For all of us gathered here in the name of Jesus, that he will teach us  Love Divine, love that has no limits. 
                           Preface: Second for Easter.
                           Prayers over the people: Second.
                           Faith Formation
                           • What does it mean to love as Jesus loved?
                           • What’s wrong with loving any other way? 
                           Any other way has limitations in itself. But united with the Spirit, there are no boundaries. 
                           • With the comandment to love as Jesus loved comes the  grace to reach a new dimension of understanding.
                           • Since Jesus gave us his final commandment, to love one another as He has loved us, we know how we must live until our own
                           resurrection. We have no excuses.
                           Song suggestions 
                           Come Down, O Love Divine  
                           BB/MI,  CBW III,  CCH, WCH, WP
                           Christians. Let Us Love One Another  
                           BB, CBW III, JS, SM, WCH, W&S
                           Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                           Before he left, Jesus promised to send his followers something special. He was referring to the Holy Spirit whom he sent to
                           guide us through life to God. And before he left he also told us how to live, that is with love for everyone. The Holy Spirit
                           helps us do just that. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, would we be able to live the way Jesus want us to?
                           Song suggestions:
                           Lord of Glory (Manion) BB, GP, GPCOMP, 
                           GTR, GC, G2, RS, S&S 
                           Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Berthier) CCH, GTR, GC, G2, RS, S&S 
                           GATHERING SONG: 
                           A New Commandment (Ward) SM, WCH, 
                           All You Nations  (Deiss) PMB2, SM, W&S, 
                           Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord
                           (Fishel) ACH,  BB/MI, CBW III, CCH,  
                           CVH, JS2, PMB2, SM, SS, W&S, WCH,  
                           Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain  
                           ACH, BB/MI, CCH, CVH, SS, WP
                           Easter Introit  (D.H. Williams)  312-40940
                           Gather Us In  (Haugen) ACH,  BB/MI,   
                           CBW III, CCH, CVH, JS2, PMB2, SM, SS, 
                           W&S, WCH, WP
                           Hail Thee, Festival Day BB/MI, SS, WP
                           I Come With Joy   CBW III, SM, SS, W&S, 
                           WCH, WP
                           I Know That My Redeemer Lives!  ACH,
                           BB/MI, CBW III, CCH, CVH, PMB2, 
                           SS, SM, WCH, WP
                           Join in the Dance (Schutte) BB/MI, JS
                           Send Forth Your Spirit (Guimont) G-3684
                           Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Janco) G-3606
                           Lord, Send Out Your Spirit PMB, WCH
                           Love Divine, All Loves Excelling  BB/MI, 
                           GPCOMP,  CVH,  WP
                           Send Us Your Spirit   (Haas) BB/MI, GC, 
                           Send Us Your Spirit  (Schutte)  BB/MI, 
                           GPCOMP, JS2
                           Sing a New Song  (Schutte)ACH,  BB/MI, 
                           CBW III, CCH, JS2, SM, SS, W&S, WCH
                           Sing a New Song to the Lord  (Dudley
                           -Smith)  CBW III, CCH, GC, GTR, SM, 
                           W&S, WCH, WP
                           The Church’s One Foundation  ACH,   
                           BB/MI, CBW III, CVH, GPCOMP, PMB2,
                           SM, SS, W&S, WCH, WP
                           RESPONSORIAL PSALM: 
                           Psalm 98: The Lord Has Revealed (Smith)   
                           Psalm 98: All the Ends of the Earth 
                           (Kreutz) BB, JS2
                           Psalm 98: All the Ends of the Earth   
                           (Guimont) CCH, RS
                           Psallite Domino  (Berthier)  TAIZE II
                           Psalm 98  (from Three Psalm Settings) 
                           MSM 80-705
                           PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS:
                           All the Ends of the Earth  (Hurd)  BB/MI, 
                           All the Ends of the Earth  (Kreutz) BB/MI, 
                           GP2, JS2
                           Beloved, Let Us Love  CCH, SS, WP
                           Christ Is Here (Walker) OCP 9790
                           Christ Is Arisen  (M. Praetorius) 352-00169
                           Christ Sends the Spirit  (Proulx)  
                           Creator Spirit, Heavenly Dove  (Powell)   
                           God So Loved the World   WLP
                           God So Loved the World   (Bruckner)
                           God So Loved the World  (Goemanne)
                           God So Loved the World  (Scheidt)  G-1819
                           I Have Loved You  (Joncas) BB, GP,  
                           GPCOMP, GTR
                           I Know That My Redeemer Lives from 
                           Concertato on Duke Street  GC, JS, WLP
                           I Love Him  LMGM 
                           Jesu, Jesu,  Fill Us with Your Love  
                           GTR,  G-3000, JS2. LMGM, W&S, WP
                           Jesus Still Lives  (Toolan) GC, GTR, WCH, 
                           Jesus,  the Lord  (O'Connor)  CBW III, GC,  
                           GP, GPCOMP,  JS,  RS
                           Lord, Send Out Your Spirit  (Kreutz)  
                           BB/MI, JS2
                           Lord, Send Out Your Spirit  (Lisicky)
                           GC, GTR
                           The Bread That We Break (Dean) GP2, JS2
                           We Have Been Told  ACH,  BB/MI, CBW 
                           III, CCH, CVH, JS2, PMB2, SM, SS, W&S, 
                           We Feel Your Presence, Lord (Young) 
                           We Remember, We Believe (Porter) G-4721
                           Without You BB/MI, JS2
                           You Shall Be My Witnesses  (Chepponis) 
                           You Shall Love the Lord Your God 
                           (Englert)  PMB2, W&S
                           All Shall Be Well  (Foley)  BB/MI, 
                           GPCOMP, JS2
                           At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing 
                           ACH, BB/MI, CBW III, CCH, CVH, JS2, 
                           PMB2, SM, SS, W&S, WCH, WP 
                           Be Thou, My Vision  332-40920, CVH, SS
                           Beloved, Let Us Love  CCH, SS, WP
                           Bread That Was Sown  (Norbet)  BB/MI,
                           PMB2, SM,  WCH
                           Christians, Let Us Love One Another  BB/
                           MI, CBW III, SS, W&S
                           Draw Near and Take the Body   BB,  CVH,
                           JS,  WP
                           God, Our Fountain of Salvation  BB/MI, 
                           Gift of Love  BB/MI, GC, GTR
                           I Am the Living Bread  (Haas)  BB/MI,  
                           CBW III,  JS
                           Let Us Be One  PMB, SM, W&S, WCH 
                           Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace  
                           CCH, CVH, SM, WCH,  WP
                           Love One Another  (Chepponis) GC, GTR, 
                           G-2615, SS
                           Love One Another (Roff) WS, WLP
                           No Greater Love  (Joncas) BB,/MI, G-3140, 
                           GTR, GC
                           One Bread, One Body  (Foley)   
                           ACH,  BB/MI, CBW III, CCH, JS2, SM, SS, 
                           W&S, WCH  
                           Only a Shadow (Landry) BB/MI, GP,  
                           GPCOMP, S&S
                           Thanks Be to God  (Mendelssohn) 
                           The One Same Spirit  (Ward) SM, WCH,
                           The Resurrection (Bell) G-4658
                           The Harvest of Justice (Haas) G-3582
                           There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy 
                           BB/MI, CCH, CVH, JS2, SM, SS, W&S, 
                           WCH, WP
                           This Is My Body  CBW III, W&S, WCH
                           This Is My Will  ACH,  BB/MI, CBW III, CCH, CVH, SS, WP
                           The Joyful Feast  MSM 50-4011
                           Unless a Grain of Wheat  (Farrell)  BB/MI, 
                           GC, JS2, RS
                           Where Charity and Love Prevail  
                           BB/MI, CCH, CVH, GTR  PMB, WCH,  
                           Where There Is Charity (Marchionda) WS
                           Where There Is Love  (Hughes)  G-2555
                           SONG OF PRAISE:
                           I Know That My Redeemer Lives 
                             (Hughes)  BB/MI, GC, JS, RS, WP
                           I Will Praise Thee, O Lord  (de Lalande)  
                           Sing Out Your Praise  (Joncas)  WCS,  WS,
                           We Are Many Parts  (Haugen) ACH,  BB/
                             MI, CBW III, CCH, CVH, JS2, PMB2, SM, 
                             SS, W&S, WCH, WP
                           We Praise Thee Lord and Bless Thy Name 
                             (C. Gounod)  332-40049
                           Where There Is Love  (Walker)   BB/MI 
                           What Wondrous Love  ACH,  BB/MI, 
                             CVH,  GPCOMP, GTR,  PMB,  WCH,  WP
                           CLOSING SONG:
                           All the Ends of the Earth  (Dufford) 
                             BB/MI,  GP, GPCOMP, JS2
                           All Those Who Love Me  (Norbet)  GTR, 
                           At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing 
                             ACH,  BB/MI, CBW III, CCH,  
                             CVH, JS2, PMB2, SM, SS, W&S, WCH,  
                           Faithful Family (Cooney) BB, G2, GC
                           Forth in the Peace of Christ  CBW III, 
                             CVH,  WP
                           Forth in Thy Name, O Lord  CBW III, 
                              SS, WCH
                           God Is One, Unique and Holy  GC,GTR, 
                           Great Is the Lord  (J. Haydn)  332-09589
                           Great Is the Lord  (Toolan)  BB/MI,
                             CBW III, JS2
                           In Praise of His Name  (O’Connor)  BB/MI, 
                             CCH, GP, GTR, JS2
                           Into Our Hearts, O Spirit, Come  PMB, 
                             WCH, W&S
                           Lord, Touch Me  LMGM
                           Lord, Who at Your First Eucharist  BB/MI, 
                              CBW III, CCH, CVH, JS2, PMB2, SM, SS, 
                             W&S, WCH, WP
                           Now the Green Blade Rises  BB/MI, 
                             CBW III, JS2, CCH, CVH, GC, GTR, SS, 
                           Praise the Lord, My Soul  (Foley) BB, GP, 
                             GPCOMP, JS2
                           Send Us Your Spirit (Haas) BB/MI, CCH, 
                             GC, GTR
                           Sing of the Lord’s Goodness  (Sands)
                             BB/MI, GC, G2, GTR, JS2
                           Sing to the Lord  (Dameans)  BB/MI, GP,
                             GPCOMP, JS2
                           The Living God (Temple) CBW III,  PMB
                             PMB2,  WCH
                           This Glad Day  (Palestrina)  332-40155
                           This Is My Commandment  CCH, CVH,  
                             SS, WP
                           This Is the Day (Haugen) BB/MI, GC, GTR,  
                             SM, W&S, WCH

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