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Sample Planning Pages

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For priests, music directors, DRE, Children's Liturgy and the entire church staff. Easy to use. Includes an interactive text version, useful for cutting and pasting text and creating your own Sunday programs, plus handy PDF files for each Sunday and Holy Day of the year. Your access code will be emailed to you shortly after the transaction has been completed.

Annual Subscription $59
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Call (503) 975-5176 or
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The premiere liturgy planning magazine for over 20 years. Planning material for every Sunday and Holy Day, plus articles from the U.S. and Canadian Conferences of Catholic Bishops. Includes sample music scores from GIA, OCP, WLP, and others. Issued twice yearly:

Annual Subscription $49
To begin your subscription -
Call (503) 975-5176 or
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The Liturgy Planner sent directly to your email address. On the first of each month, you receive the planning pages for each Sunday and Holy Day for the next month. You always have the material at least one month in advance. This format is not only easy to us, but may be forwarded for use within the parish. After your first payment, you will be billed monthly on the 15th for each upcoming month.

Monthly Subscription $24.95
To begin your subscription -
Call (503) 975-5176 or
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Chicago IL - "Planning good liturgies isn't always easy. Let's face it; although studies show that pastors want good liturgies, not every one is good at it. USP has talked with many pastors who privately admit that organizing good liturgy is one of the hardest parts of their jobs.
There's help. Lots of it. USP suggests The Liturgy Planner, published by Liturgy House Publications in Portland, Oregon. Here's a magazine that takes you by the hand with weekly liturgies planned to the last detail. It's ideal for the music minister too." US PARISH

San Jose, CA - "The issues are easy to follow and contain more resources than one would expect for the subscription price. Pastors and liturgy committees not need a homily outline will find material here to expand their ideas and adaptations for deeper liturgy." MODERN LITURGY

Chicago, IL - "Many publishers provide a companion periodical which makes reference to each publisher's songs. THE LITURGY PLANNER is unique because it provides a range of songs from many publishers. With THE LITURGY PLANNER you get good ideas from an independent source, above all, you can get a wide variety of appropriate hymns and Psalms, Sunday after Sunday. Another good feature of The Liturgy Planner is its regular inclusion of the full score of some choral material, so you can get a sampling of what's available. Especially for choir directors, this feature in valuable and important." PARISH LITURGY

Chicago, IL - "Of special interest to liturgy committees and anyone entrusted with weekly planning is THE LITURGY PLANNER." AIM LITURGICAL RESOURCES

Planning pages for all Sundays and Holy Days up through Pentecost 2007 available online now!


Venice, FL - "In my work planning the music for our parish, cathedral, and diocesan functions, as well as our diocesan weekly television Mass series - I have come to rely on your magazine as the primary source. In total I subscribe to and use seven Liturgy/Music planning guides (including the Sourcebook).
Some of the areas I find yours the most valuable are:
- completeness: you obviously research every source available
- fairness: your recommendations give no preferentials for composer or publisher - just the best possible choices
- the other valuable articles contained in each issue - so on-target for the needs of all pastoral musicians
- the interesting music samples contained in each issue: again, it seems, giving equal treatment to all publishers
Your liturgy planner is destined to become the most relied upon tool of most pastoral planners in the country." Georgy Goebel

Kamloops, BC - "Thank you for your past excellant service. The planner has helped me immensely in preparing music for Sunday services." Tina Vigna



To receive a copy of The Liturgy Planner Magazine (six months of planning) send an email request, including your mailing address to:

We respect your privacy and never sell postal or email addresses.

The Liturgy Planner Magazine celebrates 20 years of continuous publication in 2006.

The Liturgy Planner now offers Hispanic Hymns suggestions and song selections for Youth Groups, starting with Trinity Sunday, 2006.